YouTube Promotions


Question: Are these views from real people?
Answer: Yes! All of the visits you will receive to your video are real people, and are not bots, proxies, or fake views. These likes are all random from people around the world, and they have a very high retention rate compared to our competitors

Question: How does this benefit my YouTube video?
Answer: By increasing your views on your YouTube video, your video will start to rank naturally within YouTube for dozens of new terms that it has never ranked for before. This will work in your favor to snowball the popularity of your video.

Question: Is this safe to use on YouTube?
Answer: Yes. We’ve never had a video removed as a result of our services, and since we don’t use programs, proxies, or other illegitimate ways of generating traffic, our services do not violate YouTube’s Quality Guidelines.

Question: Are these views guaranteed?
Answer: Yes. If your views slip beneath our promised retention rate of 75%, we will restore them free of charge. Our services are guaranteed for life, unlike the rest of our competitors who don’t have a guarantee of any sort.