Twitter Promotions


Question: Are these real Twitter Followers?
Answer: Yes and no. Unfortunately, Twitter has more spam than any social network on the internet, and therefore has a large amount of fake users. However, the likes we deliver will be a healthy mix of real users and spam users from our promotional efforts.

Question: How will this help my profile?
Answer: A page with large following and regular tweets is far more likely to be followed and to gain attention than a page with very few followers. We’ll help build your popularity and following quickly to amplify your efforts.

Question: Is this safe to use on my Twitter account?
Answer: Yes, though we recommend having an established Twitter account with at least a few tweets before ordering our services. Twitter doesn’t like it when new accounts receive a lot of attention, and your account may be flagged for review.

Question: Are these followers guaranteed?
Answer: Yes, we’re one of the few companies in this industry that guarantees their Twitter followers! If your followers drop off within the first 2 months of your order (which is natural in the beginning of a campaign), we will restore them free of charge.